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Campaign and Survivor

It's unfortunate. The keep offense and defense is some of the best there has ever been but the premise is just God awful. Basically, we have three factions so like the show Survivor, two factions decide to trade the campaign wins between them and the odd faction out bears the brunt from campaign to campaign. I thought that these factions were ALL fighting for supremacy when in fact, this is just a silly version of Survivor. It's fun, I will admit that but it could be so much better because the majority of the time it's just a frustrating venture that makes PVE look all the more the better alternative.

Why in God's name is there an emperor? It doesn't even make sense in terms of the game's heritage. You take six keeps and someone is an emperor? Sorry but that has got to be one of the most *** concepts ever. It's too reminiscent of old school WOW's Grand Marshal trek. Why is there a city in the middle of Cyrodiil that has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything happening in the surrounding land? Why in the world, rather than emperor, would you not make the reward of six keep captures be exclusive access to Imperial City? That way, once a faction takes over Imperial City that would bleed players off which would allow better rotation and a much more tense environment similar to the king of all MMORPG PVP, Darkness Falls in Dark Age of Camelot where factions would have not only the keep wars going on but a war going on in a prize dungeon.

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