Outfit slots NOT account wide?!

Holy hell in a handbasket ZOS, 1500 crowns for an outfit slot, and you need to buy each slot for each character? That is insane. What's even worse, it is not stated so in the crown store that it is not account wide. Again, another case of the crown store being slimier than it should be.

I know, It doesn't state that it is account wide, but am I silly in thinking that it would be? It seems in line with other account wide things, like motifs, mounts, pets, dyes, etc.
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  • EphemeraCrawford
    Since they make money from selling costumes, you'd think an account wide slot puchase option would be on offer. That or cheaper per character slots. More outfits = more $$$
  • idk
    This has been noted in the forums more than once since they were added. Heck, the best thread actually calculated the cost to unlock all slots on all characters (though that is pretty extreme).

    They go on sale occasionally.
    Really, idk
  • OrdoHermetica
    I strongly encourage you to post in the unofficial megathread for this issue as well: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/394951/1500-crowns-per-outfit-slot-1-slot-just-under-1200-for-every-slot/p34

    (And yeah. It's sketchy to say the least.)
  • notimetocare
    Someone needs to make an outfit mod for pc (the cool kids ;P)

    Saves settings for outfits to allow easy swaps at the outfit station. 20-60k gold > crowns lol
  • Tigerseye
    It is very expensive.

    This is, at least partly, why I don't level alts.

    To be honest, I don't enjoy levelling alts much, anyway, until I am utterly sick of.....I mean.....very familiar with a game.

    But, stuff like this does not make me feel any more tempted.

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  • Grimm13
    Someone needs to make an outfit mod for pc (the cool kids ;P)

    Saves settings for outfits to allow easy swaps at the outfit station. 20-60k gold > crowns lol

    There had been one, then ZOS cut it off from the API call. They clearly don't want that function to impede their sales. They also clearly don't understand that they impede their own sales greater with their pricing.

  • Paazhahdrimaak
    Yeah i got one thinking itll unlock 1 additional slot for all my characters. Sadly disappointed. For the price it makes since to.
  • rexagamemnon
    Ya, outfit slots after a while start to add up, i didnt like that they werent account wide. That was just one more thing that should have been account wide in addition to alliance war ranks and AP.
  • AefionBloodclaw
    Well yeah, its ZoS marketing team deliberately making it unclear to trick people into making that mistake!
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  • InvictusApollo
    Soul Shriven
    I bought one thinking it was account wide. I won't buy another one unless it becomes account wide or I win some lottery.
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