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Permissin settings for home storage (display case, actual sharing)

Hey! I think it would be nice if we had a container for homes which only owner can deposit to and withdraw from, but its contents are visible for everyone (or according to permissions). Only imagine what we can do with it:
- Show off a collection of rare non-furniture items you have (like motif full books or epic treasures from stealing)
- Just demonstrate how reach you are displaying thouthands of tempers or other expensive stuff
- Establish a shop where people can look into your inventory and then make a request for buying something
- And many other possibilities

The other nice option would be to set permissions for different containers for other players to be able to deposit to (like donation chest) and withdraw from (which would be nice in establishing competitions at home) or both (like shared stash for guild halls)

And everything it takes is only adding permission settings for existing staff, which should not be a problem at all
  • Zacuel
    It's a nice idea and it would be cool to see something like that.

    I just wanted to say that before a couple other nameless guys make it about what zos would or wouldn't do instead of keeping it about people sharing their ideas.

    You know who you are.... You won't be named but shame on you!

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