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Problem with ESO and the what's new info listed on PS4



We have a question about the what's new information that's displayed on your PS4 main page. I have given 2 pictures as examples. In the images, it will show my friends name, an ESO image and the time. But it does not say what the person has actually done in ESO to be able to like and comment on. Is this an achievement they have received? How can I like and comment on something if I do not know what they have done? It has been like this for months. Do they intend on fixing this or is this going to be something that's ignored? I would love to be able to comment on things they have done, but again, i can't do that if I do not know what I am commenting on. BTW trophies people receive do show up in the what's new list. please fix this.

Thank you!


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