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We are a constantly growing and adapting guild for everyone

We try to help new players be META
We do pve but our favorite is PVP

We help farm
We support builds
we craft for our own and we share top notch builds with our mates

We are crazy band of blues. That is where we mainly do our pvp at

You need dueling practice without being picked on? That's all us.

We have an awesome guild hall and soon we will have all the crafting stations for our mates

If youre looking for something active and a non pressuring social guild where you do not need to socialize
but would like to hear a voice after a long day? That's us
You wanna sit back and relax and do some dailies? We are always on top of em
There is ALWAYS someone willing to help you if you just chime into guild chat
All we ask is you return the favor once you are finished growing

Our ultimate goal is to GIVE BACK to our community

We are blue strong but we also accept members from other factions with no prejudice

We do trials
and run Cyro on the daily
Mail Stormshadow160 for an invite in-game

Together we stand
Divided we fall
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