ESO book - screenshot illustration! (Ayleid's dark magic)

Love ESO books, so here is my tribute!

1) A scene from Masterwork_of_the_Inducer - 'Ayleid's exaltation'

"And to it I sang and hummed and whispered, the cage of its heart gave assent and unfurled with no splintering, no cracking--the life's rhythm persisting. I ordered fine silver chains. Into each link I inscribed the hundred words for bliss, and I wrapped the cage and trunk all round to best display the organ at work."
"Such joy! It must have been that Blood-Made-Pleasure watched the work, guided my movements. A new (inspiration?) came upon me, and fervidly I grasped the sight-orbs between the implements..."
"I blessed it with wings of Welkynd , gently grafted and obtained at great expense. I extended its blood-paths, a delicate web within shining light. Eight stars for its crown, eight rubies at its feet, splayed forearms reaching for Aetherius. It became real when I gave it the name: Messenger Beast Redeemed."


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