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Healer looking for a fixed raid group

Soul Shriven
Hello :),

I am looking for a fixed raid group for 2-3 days a week.

I would be available mondays, thursdays, (mostly also fridays) and sundays (between 18:00 - 23:00 CET).

Which role?
I play a templar healer and a magblade as DD. With my magblade, I have cleared all trial HMs except for vCR+3 (but it is in progress). With my healer I am also missing vCR+2 currently.
I am using Untaunted and Srendarr addons to keep track of my buffs and debuffs and I have all required healer sets available.

What am I looking for?
Preferably, I would like to find a cloudrest raid group, since its the only trial I have not cleared so far. But if you are still working on some other trial or achievements at the moment, I would not mind.

If anyone who reads this has interest or knows a raid group that he/she can recommend I would be very happy about a response. Since healer spots are very popular and I am looking for a group already for a few months now, I can use any help and I might even consider just a backup healer spot.
Ingame: @ilmeya
Discord: ilmeya#9596
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