as its says in title we are progressive raid guild that wants to merge with another raidguild with similar requirements for joining as we have


we are progressive raidguild called Avalerion with numbers of 60 members.
we have 2 fixed raid groups.
Our goal is to merge with experienced but nice and friendly raidguild
we currently dont have open raids but involving more ppl from the guild except core grps seems like a nice idea to me and would be possible with 1 bigger raidguild is made from 2 ^^
and another thing i see better if we merge is more exp ppl that are willing to take officer roles and help out in the guild

we had some requirements for joining so we wish not to lower our standards to much and we want to merge with similar lvl guild as we are.

requirements are and hopefully stay similar in new guild we are in:

DD: 48k+ dps selfbuffed on a dummy aswell as keeping your dps on raidbosses

HEALER: having multiple healer sets like olorime, jorvuld ,IA, worm, sanctuary and providing good buff and debuff uptimes and support

TANK: having multiple tanking sets like Torug, Alkosh, Ebon, Dragon and providing good buff and debuf uptimes and support

Requirements for all 3 roles:

we expect you to have survivability, knowledge of content u play and discipline
completition of vCraglorn HMs, vHoF HM, vMoL HM, vAS+1/+1, vCR+2 ( we can consider a guild with a bit lower requirements but still similar lvl)

if u are interested and want to talk about it more , join this discord :

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