Quests instead of locations by default

Whenever I interact with wayshrine, by default, the right menu shows locations. Is there any way to have it open on quests right away? I never use locations, but very often I double click on quest, to have it's current location - that would save me one click.

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  • qbit
    Indeed. In lieu of this, I'd like for the wayshrine to work for fast travel if we are just within distance to activate it. I often run to the wayshrine then open journal to find quest marker on map. I'd like to fast travel without fee from there rather than reactivate the wayshrine and find the zone I want in the location list. Like any invocation of fast travel to a wayshrine or house (via map or player teleport) should be free if you are near a wayshrine (activating it should not be required).

    A minor QoL improvement.

    Edit: TP to a player is always free, but it should not increase the cost of next teleport if you are near a wayshrine and could have activated it.
    Edited by qbit on December 26, 2018 9:04PM
  • Kikke
    I can get behind this function, mhm.

    But first, any addons that helps with this?
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