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CFrags & Spectral Bow — not obeying standard projectile mechanics

CFrags = Crystal Frags (morph of Sorcs' Crystal Shard ability)
Spectral Bow = the proc of NBs' Grim Focus ability, and its morphs

The projectile fired by both of these abilites is not consistent with the mechanics of all other projectiles in the game.

The universal mechanic I'm referring to is how projectiles calculate their damage dealt. This is based on your max resource + wep/spell damage upon impact with a target, NOT based on your stats when the projectile was cast.

However, for these abilities, max resource + wep/spell damage are now being "snapshotted" the instant you cast them. Even if you swap bars, or your stats otherwise fluctuate during the projectile travel duration, it will impact and deal damage according to the snapshotted values.

Note that this incongruous behaviour strictly applies to max resource & wep/spell damage, only. Other relevant values to the damage equation—penetration, %-damage bonuses, and CHD (critical multiplier)—continue to be assessed upon projectile impact, as they should be.

It is likely that the problem stems from the same root cause in both cases, as these skills seem to have been given copy-pasted code when they were updated in Murkmire (in order to implement a minimum projectile travel time).
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