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Item disappeared from locked coffer

I'm on xBox NA. I have a guildie who had a spell strategist staff in a locked coffer in his house disappear, and he submitted a ticket and didn't get any assistance.

I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this particular issue (item disappearing out of a locked coffer) on any platform. If it's a larger issue he may be able to escalate.
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    Since I play TESO on PC NA, perhaps the Homestead Storage chests and coffers do not have the same features. As far as I know it is not possible to "lock" a chest or coffer. We can, however, "lock" an item such as a weapon or a piece of armor.

    The purpose of the lock is to prevent a player from accidentally deconstructing or changing the item, or marking it as "Junk" and selling it to an in-game vendor. When I do want to change an item, such as to upgrade the quality, then the game software displays a dialog and I must confirm that I want to make the change. In order to sell, trade, or deconstruct a locked item, I must first remove the lock.

    It seems likely to me that what you are reporting is that a "locked" item which your friend's character deposited in a Homestead Storage coffer has since disappeared. I cannot recall whether any of my characters has stored a locked item in a Homestead chest or coffer, but I will check it out to see.

    Regardless, the Support staff should be able to investigate that and, perhaps, restore the lost item.

    In my experience with PC NA, when they decline to do something, in my humble opinion, it is not because they cannot do it. The problem seems to be just that they don't have enough time, or want to spend the time that is necessary, to make the effort. Every Support staff member cannot do everything, but someone can do what needs to be done -- if the ticket is referred to that person. Apparently, the Support staff needs more people who are trained to do everything that it is possible for them to do.

    They almost always leave the impression that they are in a hurry to handle each ticket or inquiry as quickly and expeditiously as possible, regardless of whether the issue is resolved and of whether the player is satisfied.

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