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Elusive Magnanimous title....where is the Fish-eye Rye?

This is my 3rd New Life Festival. One of 14 alts earned the Magnanimous tile, my main in 1st year of event. By the time this event ends, my other 13 alts will be missing ONE title requirement, Hissmir Fish-eye Rye. So far, it hasn't dropped once this event across dozens of reward boxes. I have tons of gold from Charity writs, sometimes getting 3 on a single alt. Guess I'm luckier than some on that score. Are others of you having better luck with the recipe? If it is really that rare, I'm more likely to sell it if I do get one. But it rubs me the wrong way that a single recipe is blocking all my other alts from being Magnanimous
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  • Saucy_Jack
    Just check the guild traders; it's all over the place.
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