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Looking for a new Raidgroup, preferably Semi Progress (PC EU)

Hi all

I am Maik, 28 Years old and from Germany. I have been playing ESO since 2015 (with more than 4000 played hours and currently >980 CP ) and have been doing my fair share of Raiding in this game already, and had great fun doing so. Unfortunatly my last Raidgroup, with which i have been constantly playing since more than two years, decided to switch to a stronger progress oriented style. This led to the problem, that my personal development was not fast enough to keep pace, so I had to leave the group. Thus I am now looking for a new Raidgroup to continue playing with.

My main Raid Char is a DK Tank. I have cleared all content and Hardmodes with exeption to vCR +3 and vAS +2 but i have experience in both (vCR far more than vAS). I own Ebon, Torugs, Alkosh, Assault, Bloodspawn, Lord Warden, Chudan and Earthgore Sets, with options to other Sets as well. My char is proficient in all Relevant Skills for a Tank, and if some outlier is needed i can train that skill as well.
I also have a Mag DK, a Mag NB, a Stam NB, a Heal Templar and a Warden Tank, but i do not feel especialy comfortable bringing them to a Raid. It would take some time to get them Ready, and I really like tanking, so I would like to continue playing in that role.

I am looking for a Group, that is progress oriented, but not hellbent on it. A good and respectful social interaction is Important for me. My goal is to clear the content that i am currently missing (So vCR +3 and vAS +2) and I would prefer if that process does not beginn from scratch. I am currently Raiding thursdays and sundays with another guild and would like to continue doing so. Also I am a volunteer youth worker, so I am helping in my Youth Group Fryday evenings. That leaves me with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday as Possible days for Raiding. Of These days, I would prefer to only raid on two (preferably wednesday and saturday), but am willing to go up to three. I can make time at around 20:00 MEZ each day, since I am a Student and more often than not am not at home before 19:00 MEZ. I would also like to end the Raid at the latest at 23:30, since I need some sleep at night, even if it is for the weak^^.
I would prefer a German speaking group but i do not have any Problems with an english speaking one, just remember that english is not my first language.
Last but not least would the option to join a Group to do Daylie vet HM Pledges (especially the DLC ones) make me very happy.

If you have any questions, please contact me (here or in game under @Greydir)

Greetings, and Happy Holidays
Sir Greydir - Dunmer DK
Don Greydir - Kajit NB
Ser Greydir - Imperial DK
Dieser-Greydir-Heilt - Argonier Templer
Greydir Finsterklinge - Bretone NB
Greydir Drakenson - Nord Hüter
Clear: vAA HM - vHrC HM - vSO HM - vMoL HM - vHoF TTT - vAS [+2] - vCR [+3] GH - vSS HM - vKA HM - vRG
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