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5th feather disappeared :'(

Soul Shriven
Hi all !

First of all, I already created a ticket, but I'd be curious to know if some of you guys had the same problem than me.

Since the begining of the Feather-thing, I'm trying to purchase 2 of each feather. The project is to try to evolve the mount, then create another one wich could evolve differently (yeah, I'm a genious, or someone with too much spare time). And if doesn't work, I'll just have 4 feathers as collectibles :)
Because we cannot but a feather if we have it in our inventory, the trick was to put the first of each pair in the bank (or in another character inventory.

When I get the mount, I had the 4 feathers and 2 spare ones, 1 in my bank and 1 in another inventory. But when I activated the 4 feathers I had in my inventory, the one in my bank was consumed too - so 5 feathers disappeared !
Of course I'm a bit disapointed, I just realized today that a feather was missing, and I won't be able to get the 4 feathers, even if I managed to get the 80 event tickets ^^' But most important : do you know if it is a known bug ? Did you have the same problem ?
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  • Shadowshire

    Just out of curiousity, on which platform and megaserver do you play TESO? Of course you gave ZOS that information while submitting the request for Support. Nonetheless, the Guidelines For Bug Report Forum recommend that you include that information in Bug Forum posts, so we don't have to ask when the information is necessary to respond with advice or comments.

    First: the situation that you described probably reveals a "bug". The feather in the Bank should not have been consumed when you used one in the character's Bags to combine it with the other three, assuming that each of the four in the Bags had a different color.

    As far as I know, four feathers -- each of which has one of the four unique colors -- must be in a character's Bags in order to combine them. The "bug" might become evident when the character's Bags contain two feathers of the same color, and two more feathers, each with one of the other three colors. The one in the Bank could serve as the fourth Feather if its color is different from any of the four in the character's Bags. However, using the one in the Bank violates the requirement (-?-) that all four uniquely-colored Feathers be in the Bags of the character who combines them.

    If combing one or more feathers in the Bank with one or more feathers in the character's Bags is permitted, when each of the four feathers has a unique color, then one of the four feathers in the Bags should not have vanished.

    Second: it is worth noting that the Collections UI has only one "space" for a Nascent Indrik, and only one "space" for an Indrik Mount (in the PC NA TESO). That implies that currently a player cannot have more than one Indrik Mount, whether that limitation is deliberate or unintended. Note that the Nascent Indrik itself can be summoned and ridden as a mount.

    Of course, with only one space for a Nascent Indrik, it must be changed into an Indrik Mount before the "space" becomes available for another Nascent Indrik. However, the four different kinds of "berries" which the player's character(s) must obtain to change a Nascent Indrik into an Indrik Mount can only be earned by participating in specific events during the following year (i.e., during 2019 at this writing). Presumably, enough of the respective "berries" can be obtained prior to any repetition of the "Our Elder Scrolls" events that will probably begin again with the 2019 Witches Festival.

    So: what you wanted to do apparently cannot be done since there is only one space for a Nascent Indrik mount. Further, if I recall correctly, it is impossible to transfer event tickets to another player, and each Feather is bound to the account of the player whose character obtained it from the Event Impressario. Feathers can be stored in the Bank or in Homestead coffers and chests, but as far as I know, they cannot be transferred to another player.

    In my experience, it is unlikely that the ZOS developers will increase the number of "spaces" for Nascent Indriks before the current New Life Festival ends. Perhaps they will change the UI if the "Our Elder Scrolls" series of events is repeated in 2019, by adding a space for one more Indrik Mount. That would enable players to obtain the feathers to create another Nascent Indrik. Then they can eventually obtain the berries to change it (by participating in 2020 events) to an Indrik Mount that could be different from the Indrik Mount earned during 2018 - 2019.

    For whatever reason, it never occurred to me to attempt to create two (or more) Nascent Indriks during the current "Our Elder Scrolls" events. Consequently, I have not determined the maximum total number of event tickets that a player can earn during the four 2018 "Our Elder Scrolls" events.
    • ZOS has stated that a player who did not acquire any event tickets and/or feathers during the first three 2018 "Our Elder Scrolls" events can still earn 40 tickets during the New Life Festival, which are required to obtain the four respective feathers to combine into a Nascent Indrik. To see whether that is still possible for you to do, consult your calendar -- the New Life Festival ends at 10:00 AM EST on January 2, 2019.
    The daily ticket limit is the number of tickets rewarded for completing one Festival Quest with one character. If I recall correctly, During the Witches Festival a player could earn one ticker per day. During the Clockwork City Celebration event a player could earn two tickets per day. During the short Undaunted Celebration Event, the player could earn 3 event tickets per day. During the current New Life Festival, the player can earn 1 event ticket per day.

    Also, a player cannot accumulate more than 12 event tickets. So the player must exchange 10 tickets for a Nascent Indrik feather whenever they have a total of 12 tickets. Again, beware that four feathers, each with a unique color, must be combined to create a Nascent Indrik.

    Presumably, if a player earns event tickets before the end of the New Life Festival which remain unused, then the event tickets that are earned in future events will be added to them, i.e., as many as 12 event tickets could be carried forward. (As far as I know, ZOS has not confirmed this, whether they've even considered the possibility.)

    According to the UESP wiki (Online: Nascent Indrik), four different Indrik Mounts are possible. Which one is created depends upon which combination of "berries" that a Nascent Indrik is subsequently fed. So, the potential for repeating the odyssey to obtain an Indrik Mount can be repeated as often as the Collection UI space allocations permit. As the number of "spaces" for Indrik Mounts increases, a player could choose to create two or more identical Indrik Mounts, and/or to create Mounts for two or more of the four types that are possible.

    Unfortunately, at this time it very much remains to be seen whether players will be able to continue playing TESO long enough to collect the "berries" needed to convert this year's Nascent Indrik into an Indrik Mount during 2019. Never mind the prospects of being able to eventually create three more after that! :neutral:

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