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Marlei's New (real) Life festive treats


Divine Design Alliance guildie @Marleibearluv (NA/PC) has brought New Life into real life, and baked these amazing cookies inspired by the festive in-game treats!

Check out the adorable wee guars! <3

  • Glaiceana
    Aww that's very cute, well done! Looks tasty too :)
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  • Ostacia
    Beautiful! (and creative, too!)
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  • swankery
    Awe!! This is so cool Marli! Happy holidays!! Housing Enthusiast! DDA founder/rep/Twitter@Swankery1@Swankery PC/NA
  • R_K
    Love these... so creative. Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays to all of you! <3
  • idk
    I am more hungry now. lol. nice
  • Delphinia
    This is so adorably perfect! It looks like it should be a cover for Better ESO Homes and Gardens!
    I am ready for our guild cookie convention :)
  • Funrukdurkha
    Yups - CookieCon is ON! <3

    Merry Christmas, ESOfam! :)
  • mayasunrising
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  • ArchangelIsraphel
    Okay this just feeds my uncontrollable urge to eat these every time I see them on my guldie's christmas table XD Well done! They look beautiful!
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