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[PC/EU] Eternal Dawn is recruiting [casual, new player friendly, PvE/PvP]


In Elder Scrolls Online we are called Dawn Eternal


Eternal Dawn is a gaming community formed by people from around the world. The community continues to grow and expand across the globe and the gaming world. Some of us have been gaming together as far back as 1999 starting with Ultima Online, and some of us have moved through quite a few AAA MMO’s [EQ1, SWG, EQ2, AoC, TSW, WoW, Rift, SW:ToR, and GW2] along with other games of various genres throughout the last decade and all of us highly value the addition of enthusiastic new gamers.

We encourage the arrival of new members and MMO genres that will integrate and find compatibility with the generation of gamers who call this their gaming home and will allow you to grow with the Community.

The pinnacle of our ethics is we never take ourselves too seriously; we love to have fun and relax from real life.


Our requirements are SIMPLE

Aged 18+ - as we are a mature Gaming Community.

Speak English - we have people from all around the world and all speak English.

We want FUN CASUAL GAMERS and seek companionable people to enjoy our Community for now and years to come.


If you are looking for a long standing Online Gaming Community that likes to experience as much of a game as possible, along with a friendly, funny, relaxing atmosphere; then you are looking in the right place. Eternal Dawn has a huge history and will continue to grow into a respectable and very casual guild.

We are looking for other casual players that like playing MMOs that also have busy daily lives. Many of our members play other games [after all, we are a gaming community], have families, other matters to attend to or work different shifts throughout the day/night. Nevertheless, we all manage to meet up online one way or another and have fun together.

Trust us when we say we do not care about DPS numbers, builds and formal rules. We just get stuck in to the great content and progress through at our own pace. We have regularly scheduled events on the weekend including a Trial on Saturday. On Sunday we rotate between public dungeons, world bosses, and sometimes PvP.


To apply to the guild, please join our Discord server:

After joining, you’ll be instructed to post a short application in the #applications channel. The pinned message in that channel has the relevant questions. Applications are generally processed on the same day.

We use Discord not only for voice communication but as an extension to Guild chat. In Discord you get to meet members from our other games as well as just having general chit chat.

Thank you for considering us as your guild home and we hope to see you in game soon.
Edited by godfather902 on January 1, 2019 2:36PM
  • Shetogle
    We're particularly interested in DDs.
    Ingame ID: @Ninane
  • godfather902
    Edited subject line to include player friendly
  • godfather902
    Holidays are over for good and we are slowly starting to get out of our holes and return to the game for the upcoming events. weekly trials and whatever else we can!
  • Shetogle
    We're still open for recruitment.
    Ingame ID: @Ninane
  • Shetogle
    Currently seeking, in particular, a good off tank for trials who can also do decent DPS for one tank boss fights. We do trials every Saturday evening.
    Edited by Shetogle on February 11, 2019 10:22AM
    Ingame ID: @Ninane
  • Malbec_Sonvida
    Lots of new content coming so come join the fun. Old, New, returning or already playing but seeking comradeship.

    ED is approaching its 5th year as a gaming community and is looking forward to at least another 5 more great years.

    Best way to join is jump right in to our very friendly Discord server where the ED Bot will greet you.

    Malbec-Sonvida - Sorcerer
    Malbec-Donapaula - Dragon Knight
  • Shetogle
    Recruitment is still open.
    Ingame ID: @Ninane
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