Console guild store search still returning selected quality item AND above

Per PC/Mac Patch Notes v4.2.8 on November 12th...

Fixed an issue where you couldn’t claim a daily reward on the last day of the month.
Fixed an issue where selecting a specific quality in a Guild Store would return items with that quality and above.

I would have thought this would have made the incremental console patch, but it obviously did not. Is there any timeline on when console may see this fixed? Or is this something we are going to have to suffer with until the next major Q1 update? I mean, I guess it's okay since we can use add-ons to filter it ourselv.... oh wait.
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  • lagrue
    Yes it's very annoying, especially when trying to scoop up some of these new life writs...

    I am being plagued by Purples and Golds and this was in fact not an issue a few months ago.
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  • RoyalPink06
    Any news about this? Very annoying issue still active on ps4.
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