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How do you plan to decorate your houses?

Do you have big dreams

What kind of designs are you thinking about for house?

What items are looking for that don't exist yet?

What items do you want to buy?

  • Tigerseye
    I was thinking of, eventually, making my Artaeum cathedral (sorry, but it's not a "Villa"!) into an art school.

    Artaeum Art School, or maybe The Artaeum Academy of Art, lol.

    Obviously, I would need easels and a variety of other art supplies to do that, though.

    Wouldn't be for a long while, either, as I just don't have the mats, ATM.
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  • AdamskiAlders
    No real plans, except for buying all 8 of my characters their own home. 2 have theirs already and they were decorated in keeping with the village's rustic aesthetic and by that I mean I kept them looking the same racial style as the character who "own's it" and with the local area, for instance Captain Margeaux's Place is now the Direnni Lodge for my main Breton and it's filled with all Breton stuff along with a few keepsakes and trophies that he has actually earned himself, there's no borrowing of trophies or collectibles he hasn't earned. Still have to get around to properly decorating Kragenhome for my Hlaalu Dark Elf - kind of forgot all about his house and what it needs though I'd like a mix of Dunmer and Hlaalu furniture in there.

    The other 6 characters will each get their own race's small houses first then whatever money they make can go towards a future upgrade.

    I did purchase the Exorcised Hag Fen Cottage this year and I'm planning to turn it into a private "Shrieking Shack" if you will for my Main the Breton who is a Werewolf and I'm thinking of turning it into a sort of Hunting Lodge Cabin mixed with Wyrd and nature. Maybe an Altar to Hircine and I think there's some Wyrd altar stone monolith thing so I'll be wanting that as well. Chuck in a raised platform in the corner of sunken walls and a New Life Bonfire somewhere on the grounds, I've also removed most of the trees and rubbish in there that was just clogging up space and looked messy so I'll probably rearrange trees, bushes, foliage etc as well at some point.

    As for the Villa, I have absolutely zero clue. Maybe some boats outside, maybe a roaring brazier and secret club meeting place at the back down the stairs with my own small bath area. Fill up the main hall with paintings and trophies probably. It's far too big for my little experience at housing to really get my head around it, plus on the Xbox we don't have the quick and easy option of add-ons so the Villa is probably going to remain empty and on the back burner for a while.
  • Mason_King
    Right now I'm trying to go after the Gardner House.

    For the Courtyard, I plan to put my Dwarven Horse, Titan in the stable.
    Some Piles of hay, hang some lanterns. A Breton Well by the gate, I won't look at further landscaping until I get the house.

    In the back, would be the kitchen area, I saw this set up and it'll be similar, but different style furnishings.

    Tying to picture a nice den area, by the side entrance. facing the tower, bank of Wayrest, it's not coming to me, but I have a few ideas.
    getting some nice love seats, and arm chairs, a big beautiful rug.

    I wish there were more Build Components and structures that matched the walls and stone.
    like adding another fireplace to the area, Building walls instead of brick by brick, walls that match the walls of the house.
    Also Doors, cellar doors, and hatches.

    to be able to cover up the stairway with walls and a door would be cool. that way the main entry way would look nicer.
    Down in the cellar, would be food storage, racks, for kegs to hold my beer, and wine.
    and make like a man cave, crafting area.

    going upstairs I wanted to divide the upstairs into 4 rooms
    over the living room would be the master bedroom, and over the kitchen would be a bedroom, and next to it a bathroom.

    but it's going to be a lot of candle holders and the wrought Iron Chandeliers

    I agreed with others that I would like most of the furniture we craft to be more useful, not just decorative
    For example,
    Dressers, nightstands, wardrobes, cabinets, can hold clothes, and armor, materials
    Jewelry boxes, coffers, can hold rings necklaces, and trait gems.
    Cabinets, Barrels, kegs, crates, can store food, provisions, and other stuff.
    Mannequins, and display cases, can display your prized armor, and weapons.

  • Cloudtrader
    I see a pretty house, buy it, THEN think about how to decorate it. Usually start with random furnishings that I have at-hand... sometimes get inspired and do a theme. *shrugs*
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