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[PC EU] Healer looking for vROM Achievements

Soul Shriven
Simply looking for other players that know the mechanics and want to go for the Achievements to get the Amber Plasm Skin.
PC/EU Healer Main

[Healer] Breton Templar [2x Godslayer, 4x Tick-Tock, 2x Unchained, 1x Immortal Redeemer]
[Healer] Altmer Templar
[Healer] Breton Warden [1x Godslayer, 4x Gryphon Heart, 3x Tick-Tock, 1x Unchained]
[Healer] Breton Sorcerer [1x Godslayer, 1x Unchained]
[Healer] Altmer Sorcerer
[Healer] Altmer Nightblade [1x Unchained]
[Healer] Breton Dragonknight [1x Unchained]
[Healer] Breton Necromancer [1x Godslayer, 1x Tick-Tock]
[Tank] Nord Dragonknight
[DD] Stamina Warden
[DD] Stamina Sorcerer
[DD] Stamina Nightblade
[DD] Stamina Necromancer

5x Godslayer | 4x Gryphon Heart | 8x Tick-Tock-Tormentor | 6x Unchained | 1x Immortal (116,6k)
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