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Looking for a Tank-Partner

Hello ESO-Fans,
Iam currently looking for the best kind of relationship known to mankind: A tanking-bromance.
In my current guild iam sadly the only dedicated tank-main and we end up bringing in replacements from other guilds or friends - or end up having a DD from our core group maintank.
Dont get me wrong the replacements we brought/bring in are great players and weve gotten far with it - but especially now that our guild is pushing for the devilish trifecta (gryphon heart, immortal redeemer, tiktok-tormentor), it has become quite apparent that we need a static tankmain alongside myself.
While experience is great we are mostly looking for someone who is both aviable on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and he/she should also have a certain eagerness to both beat content and improve.
In terms of experience we are looking for someone who has all Craiglorn hardmodes, Vetaran Maw of Lorkaj Hardmode, Halls of Fabrication Hardmode, Asylum Sanctorium +1 and Cloudrest +1/2 cleared.
If you dont quite meet the requirements, but have ALOT of time to spend learning about mechanics and strategies, be sure to apply anyway - we will try making it work.

What do we offer?
We have cleared most of the older content and are especially good in Asylum Sanctorium (averaging 110k scores - best 112k).
The experience within the group varies, but overall most are quite good at what they do and have no problem sharing what they know.

Think you got what it takes? Just want to hang out and "gitgud"? Alot of time at your hands and you can only *** up so many times?
Be sure to give me a whisper or mail ingame @Schared - for more information.
You may also respond here, but i rarely check the forum.

Additional guild info: Timezone CET (GMT+1), spoken language: Eng (additionally: Ger, Bulg, Rus, French, Esp)

Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day! - Schared
cleared AA once i know what iam doing
  • Schared
    Forgot to mention PC/EU ;)
    cleared AA once i know what iam doing
  • Dragneel1207
    If u have not found one by now. I can help
    (i dont have most dlcs but i am planning to buy them when they get on sale using crown gifting)
    I have morrowind dlc and imperial dlc as of now
    cp 500+
    Due to timezone difference there maybe sometimes i may fail to attend one
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