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I want to grind vet dragon star, I am a tank, I've done most trials and have been a decent way though dragon star but my teams dps was not enough, pls
  • Khey
    I'm a healer (Templar/Warden) and still need gear from vDSA. If you're still looking for a group; hit me up! IGN: @Kheyy
    » IGN: » @KheyESO | PC/NA «

    Wonders-At-Midnight » Argonian, Templar, Healer [Former Empress] • Touches-Many-Scales » Argonian, Warden, Healer • Xan'ari Keeper of Souls » Breton, Necromancer, Healer

    Nilinthil »Wood Elf, Nightblade, DPS • Xynthia » Breton, Sorcerer, DPS • S'arajah » Khajiit, Nightblade, DPS [PvP]
    Miréa The Firebender » Breton, DK, DPS • Xeary » Dark Elf, Sorcerer, DPS [Crafter] • Névrria Telvanni » Dark Elf, NIghtblade, DPS

    Held-The-Line » Argonian, Dragon Knight, Tank • Sapphiré Frostshield » Nord, Warden, Tank
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