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The Enchanted Snowglobe a second take

Another take at the Enchanted Snowglobe please enjoy.
  • Aurelle1
    Ah @Currygaminginc I really like this! It looks so very different from all the other incarnations of the Snow Globe we've seen.

    I love the way you have made use of the Alinor bookcases with their warm coloured wood backs to partition off the ground floor and make those lovely separate areas. The study/library is a great place to do some quiet work, and what a good idea to use the Murkmire ramp as a library ladder. The only comment I would make here is that the red banners (?) sway and the woodwork clips through...I found this in one of my builds and moved them forward fractionally, but mine were against a wall and I don't know if that would work where you have positioned them.

    I adore the bedroom and the bathroom and love what you have done with the recessed fountains and the marble and mirrors. Also the closed alcove, could be either the loo or a shower.

    Downstairs that open-plan kitchen/dining area is just great, and an inviting place where anyone would be happy to spend time cooking up dishes in the fully equipped kitchen or just relaxing in the dining alcove with a few drinks. The dog bowls did not go unnoticed either!

    Fantastic :)
  • Thehartclan
    @Currygaminginc always delighted with your posts. All the kudos and love!

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