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Looking for PvP Group - PS4 EU

Soul Shriven
2 adult friends looking for a group to PvP with, whether that be cyrodil or battlegrounds. We are active most evenings between 2030-2230 UK time and some weekends for slightly longer, sometimes significantly longer. Looking to learn and fare slightly better than we have been doing solo and as a duo.
We have been playing PvP for a few weeks in battlegrounds. It seemed fun and easy enough before hitting level 50, but post level 50 we are getting wrekt by superior teams/individuals.

Our current characters are;
260 C.P MagPlar and a MagSorc (Elysium101)
130 C.P Stamblade (will level up a seperate char once 160CP is hit) (Jim23Wells)

Both on EU PS4

Edited by Elysium101 on December 11, 2018 4:50PM
MagSorc - DPS
MagPlar - DPS
  • LarsS
    If you are on PC/EU you are welcome to contact me ingame @LarsS we have a raid group up most days between 19-24 cet, on Vivec. The Daggerfall Authority has been around since the game was released and is for people who have lots of real life, but still want to do good pvp. We requires that you are on discord, are friendly and willing to learn.
    GM for The Daggerfall Authority EU PC
  • Elysium101
    Soul Shriven
    Ahh dammit, I forgot to mention we're on EU PS4

    Thanks for the offer though man, appreciated.
    MagSorc - DPS
    MagPlar - DPS
  • redlink1979
    Hello there.
    What's your alliance?
    "Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear"

    Sons of the Night Mother [PS5][EU] 2000 CP
    Daggerfall's Mightiest [PS5][NA] 1650 CP
    SweetTrolls [PC][EU] 1715 CP
    Bacon Rats [PC][NA] 1535 CP
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