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My Enchanted Snow Globe

I have been conflicted about buying those home. First of all, making it Crown Store only, and not gold bought as a holiday home, was a really low move on your part, ZOS. Secondly, there are some aspects of the house that are really negative, such as the lack of landscape and view, especially of the night sky, since the huge red tent takes up the entire skybox, and there's nothing at all outside the globe itself. The congratulations, you really ruined what could otherwise have been a great view.

But, I have wanted a winter seasonal home for very long, and this is the only current home outside Pariah's that offers snow. And, with a generous item limet of 600, I knew I could make this house look really great in the inside.
The formula is simple, I tried and make it as cosy and stylish as possible. Imperial furniture isn't craftable, but simple Nord furniture served quite alright as a base, and most of the clutter isn't set in a racial style anyway. I love how much clutter I managed to put into this house, there's SO many tiny food items, SO many books, and SO much clutter it's hard to believe. And I'm still 20 items short of the limit! See, ZOS, this is how you make houses. Stop releasing those vast caverns and huge palaces that still look empty with 700 items, THIS is how I want my houses to look like, and with only 580 items as well.

Apart from the Nord antler lights and chandeliers, you'll find lots of maritime clutter in this home, as it fits a lighthouse. I really like the scrimshaw items, and how they complement the lighthouse template, with a few ocean pearls throwin in as well. All the books are readable, which I love.
The only thing left is to add the Winter Nixad if I decide to get it, and maybe the ice atro saber cat as well.
I thought the music box fits this home nicely, the tune is sort of winterish and atmospheric.

Happy winter holidays, and I hope you enjoy viewing this showcase as much as I enjoyed decorating this house.

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