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PC NA Looking for casual playing friends :)

Soul Shriven
I just got back into ESO after 2 years and the highest I've gotten is a level 21 imperial dragonknight in DC. I've never been too crazy to intense PvE and such but I'm open to it. Just want some friends to go through quests and dungeon together.
  • grilled_cheese197
    Soul Shriven
    I'm PC NA
  • KaptainKiljoy
    Soul Shriven
    hey are you still looking for a casual player?
  • Delsanab14_ESO
    Hit my account up with a mail if you'd like some nice training gear in a visual style of your choosing at no cost to you. I can probably get to it tomorrow afternoon. Just let me know what style you'd like your armor to visually look like and what type of class and meta you're going to be playing as for Stamina DPS or Mage DPS or Pet Sorc or whatever and the weapons, etc. Thanks!
    Account: @Delsana
    FREE CRAFTING (NA PC) SIDENOTE: Hel'phaer is a Grand Master Crafter with almost every motif (excluding Buoyant, Meridian, Coldsnap, Grim Harlequin, Tsaesci, Pellitine, and Elder Argonian because can't afford it) and will craft attractive quality and visually appealing training gear or combat sets for those interested. FREE gear for players below CP 160 (equivalent level of 210), and paid gear in some form from those CP 160 or higher.
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