Moon Hunter Keep HM, Strangling Cowardice

This achievement seems harder than Pure Lunacy for only 5pts. My group has tried multiple strategies but can't seem to figure out a winning one. Has anyone achieved this and are willing to share their secrets please?
  • rudvil
    done it with 2 tanks and 2 dds :D
    main tank hold boss and all trash+wearing resto staff for healing party
    off tank hold named wolfes and stays alive ^^
    tip for offtank: keep spamming "Unrelenting Grip" on Ary&Zel it work better than standart taunt, and kite them in distance from party

    and of course you need high dps DD's, otherwise it would be harder to complete, we had mag sorc+magblade.
    gl&hf trying \o/
  • Valkner
    Thanks for your reply Rudvil! We tried something similar with healer building more beefy and tanking boss once unchained and real tank taking dogs like you said. Guess we just need more practice at it as we fall apart at the 30-25% add waves and symbol phases.
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