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The grind.......please,send help.(PC/EU)

Im grinding darkshade cavern 1 for around 3 days now.
I did over 40 runs,a lot of them with groups but the item i need(automaton greatsword)never dropped,nor did anyone else in the group ever get it.
Would some people be willing to help out for a few runs?
You can keeep everything else,just.....please spare me the grind,i cant take it anymore T _ T
A wanderers way never ends.
  • Dillpat
    40 runs isnt much. just saying first off. i had to get almost 200 vma drops to get my first bow, including multiple leaderboard rewards and double drops. Idk if can help u but have you tried running it on normal instead of vet and doing it via group finder or using strats like skipping as much as u can to get to the last boss? also on the days when it is the vet pledge, it will be easier ofc to find a group those days go crazy for it.
  • Integral1900
    Don’t know how much help it is but I try to make sure at least one set is either crafted or open world drop so I can buy it from a guild. The last setup I had to farm a dungeon for was Ebon and alkosh, that was a long slog, not fun at all.... although it was nowhere near as boring as playing an Ebon alkosh tank :D
  • idk
    Dillpat wrote: »
    40 runs isnt much.

    This. Plus that set does not help poison or disease damage meaning there are better sets out there. It only boosts damage that specifically states it is physical damage.

    Not saying to now use it but some people mistakenly think physical damage means all stamina based damage.
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