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Darkmoon Raiders is recruiting for endgame Veteran PvE content!

Welcome to Darkmoon Raiders!

We are a brand new endgame PvE-focused guild. Our goal is to run Veteran 4-man content such as DLC dungeons (skin runs, gear farming), Blackrose and Dragonstar, in an organized way, while working towards building a roster for weekly Veteran Trials (gear, skin and leaderboard runs).

Our mentality is one of teaching and helping people with less experience, be it with class or dungeon mechanics, through friendly and constructive feedback.

We do ask, however, that members strive to improve themselves, be it learning mechanics, avoid repeating mistakes, practicing their DPS, and, most importantly, asking questions to whatever they don't understand!

All in all, we want to run content and have fun doing so, avoiding stress and drama, in a friendly environment.

Message me on PSN @ Nnedd_

Or leave a reply here with any questions or your gametag if you want an invite!
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