Server Selection Issue


I've been searching the forum for similar threads, yet couldn't find any so hopefully this issue will be solved.

I would like to start by thanking ZOS for providing magnificent entertainment during these personal, difficult times. I honestly love this game. I'm (still) fairly new to ESO, started in August 2018, yet have unfortunately been having an account issue since day 1.

I live in Europe (Belgium to be specific), but found myself on the NA server caused by a glitch. By the time I realised I was on the wrong server, I had already invested too much in my/my fiancé's character(s).

Starting over is unfortunately not an option. I'm also a paying costumer (Eso Plus Membership).

As there is a current maintenance going on and it's "only" a matter of data-transfer, would you be so kind to migrate my character so I can finally game in my own time zone? It would seem to me it's only a fair service to provide since this was caused by a game-malfunction.

Gaming on the NA server has limited me greatly, both on-line as offline, due to a huge time zone/ population difference. This has limited me to an extend I will not be able to keep my subscription if this issue isn't fixed.

Here is my information:


Xbox One




Belgium (Europe)



I can provide my VISA and credit card details through mail.

Should there be any costs, I'm more than happy to oblige. I just want to be able to keep gaming.

Thank you for reading.

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