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The undaunted event(and the daily dungeon reward)needs a change.

Today i did my daily random dungeon for the reward,then i wanted to run darkshade cavern 1 a few times,because i wanted to replace one of my sets so i needed just 1 more automaton item.
Signed up with a guild member for the darkshade cavern,found a group,and right after that,the 2 new group members started to teleport out of the dungeon,so i asked them why.
The answer?
,,fungal grotto ofc''

So they went out of their way and teleported to a different dungeon,just so they could save a few minutes and get the,,random''dungeon reward,that turned out to be not so random afterall.
I told them that im actually here for the set,not the tickets or reward box,but got no response.
Me and the other clan member left the group,and realized that we had to wait over 10 minutes before we could search for a dungeon again...great.

Whats up with todays players?
Do we not have time anymore to say,,hello''when we join a dungeon?
Do we have to skip bosses and rush forward,even if the group isnt ready yet,get killed,and then blame the healer?
Do we have to ninja-leave a dungeon as soon as someone asks if someone can trade set parts?
This is really sad,people dont seem to give a damn about other players and instead just mind their own business,even at the cost of others.
Finding and doing a dungeon,,the normal way''is already a difficult task on its own.
People are too busy to chase the carrot on a stick,that they forgot what it means to slow down and take things easy,having fun,relax...
Thats why i try to do dungeons with guild members only,but we dont always have enough people for that.

Heres my idea:
If you want to get the event reward box,the tickets or just the random dungeon should have to actually play a random dungeon.
Its not random if you enter a dungeon,decide that you dont like it,and teleport to a different dungeon,you shouldnt get rewarded for this.
This is a slap in the face for every player who actually has to do something in the dungeon he enters,like a quest or finding set items.
A wanderers way never ends.
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