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looking for people to try out vet Black rose prison PC/NA

Soul Shriven
I've done normal black rose prison but not vet yet, I have a dps, a tank and a healer, experienced with most dlc vet dungeons but half of the vet hard mode is not done yet.

Looking for people who wants to try vet BRP without too much expectation and don't mind failing couple of times. After all for me trying out new stuff and learning the shenanigans is where the fun lies.

If you're interested, add me @johnhirix and we can run it together when everyone is free, no rush no push.

Also if we fail a few times, take a break and retry it some other day is totally ok with me.
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  • Trashkan
    Add me @trashkan. Me and my bro have kinda been waiting for a group that's willing to fail a couple times and not be carried through. I'm all about completion but not a raid notifier/video watcher and have a trial tank and a very hard hitting stam dk. My bro has heals and mag sorc dps.
  • BossXV
    Hi, add me @BossXV I have a tank and have done most trials and many many vet dungeons, when is a good time
  • Khey
    I'm interested. I'm a healer (Templar/Warden). Add me: @Kheyy
    » @KheyXen «
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