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Small community of [Bloody Filthy Casuals] PC EU

Sick of huge impersonal guilds? Tired of asking for help and never getting a response? Feeling lost in a sea of hundreds upon hundreds of guildies?

Bloody Filthy Casuals is a newly formed small community, that we intend to keep small. We created the guild on the basis of friendship, teamwork, kindness, and most importantly FUN.
We PvP (Cyrodiil and BG's) and run dungeons, from pledges, random dailies, hard mode, to achievement and skin runs, run twice weekly normal trials, and eventually progress together to veteran trials. We are mostly active in the evenings during the week from 6pm GMT onwards, and afternoon to late evenings during the weekend.

We aren't sweaty elitists, we don't expect you to do 40k dps parses, or to have BiS gear. Our aim is for us all to progress together and work as a team, to help farm gear everyone needs or help you improve your dps, so we can tackle the more difficult content of the game together as a team.

As we want the guild to remain small and active, you need to play with us and be an active member of our community. We don't have the space for people who aren't interested in playing with us or helping their fellow guildmates out. However there is no pressure to be social if you don't want to be, you don't have to play every day with us.

We have a beautiful guild house with all stations (including transmute), a variety of attuned stations and a 3 mil, 6 mil, and 25 mil dummy.
Any skill level, from new players to veteran players, is welcome within our guild. The only requirements are membership of our discord server, and that you want to have fun.

Send me a message on the forums or in game @HereKittehKitteh

We'll extend you an invitation to the guild and make you an initiate. Initiate is a trial period rank before being promoted into a full member. The only requirement to fulfil in the month trial period is that you play with us at least once.

Sounds good? then get in touch!
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