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Looking for People to play with! PC-EU

Soul Shriven
I just got back into the game but im still fairly new, just hit level 30
Looking for people to do quests with etc etc
Open to anything really, just want to play with people and not solo all the time

Hit me up ! my in game is @FudgeMuscle or just reply here
  • Sendrik
    Will add you later^^

    Welcome back.
    A wanderers way never ends.
  • Elara_Northwind
    Good Evening, and welcome back to the game :smile: I have a little level 30-ish I keep meaning to level up but never get around to, so would be happy to join you for questing etc. I shall add you as soon as I am able to get into the game in case you want some company. My game broke on Monday and still trying to repair it :sweat_smile:
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  • Lavellan
    Hey I'm up for that! I'm not that new anymore but I could always help with quests and stuff! I'll add you later :)
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