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Trader Flip exposes the extreme lag on NA Server...

The game is screwed. End of. The lag was unreal at trader flip (8pm EST). Traders took nearly 5 minutes to flip, everyone lagged very hard that a lot got booted from the servers.

Zenimax, you need to hang your heads in severe shame. The game is an utter mess right now. It's everything I can do to not curse and swear and get myself banned. Shockingly crap.
  • Rittings
    Not to mention the glitched traders in outlaw refuges. you guys have ignored that glitch now for 18 months.... EIGHTEEN MONTHS!!!

    That's honestly shameful. If i did ignored that in my job, i'd be collecting unemployment.
  • CynderzLite
    The glitched outlaw refuges are ridiculous it's been going on way too long and it's different ones every week! Such a waste of time when you are trying to find a trader!! I'm beginning to think it's not by accident that this is happening!! :(
    PSN ID CynderzLite GM of The Purple Gang NA PS4
  • Bhaal5
    People keep giving them money
    Zeni business model is working as intended
    (Zero work, max profit)
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