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Christmas Decorating!

  • Sturmfaenger
    Surely more of you people out there have decorated your houses for Christmas! Show us :):):) !

    And: Merry Christmas to all! ^^

  • Lariana
    We put up a massive Christmas tree in our guild hall island :smile:

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  • kadochka

    Little Vvardenfell Glowstalks with their warm glowing light work very well in my selfmade christmas tree. :smile: I used the trick currygaminginc suggested in a vid and combined several smaller trees. Its not a perfectly shaped tree, but so what. Works good enough for me.^^

    And since a christmas without cookies is no christmas...

    If the cookies taste a bit dry, it's Nuzimeh's fault - she's supposed to get them out when they're just right ^^

    Holy cake on a kitten, that all looks AMAZING!!?! Great job!! <3
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  • Tigerseye
    Few pics of Old Mistveil:


    A criticism of a thing we like should not be viewed as a criticism of ourselves.
  • Tigerseye
    ...and a couple of pics of the upstairs:

    A criticism of a thing we like should not be viewed as a criticism of ourselves.
  • Strike_Maximus
    Very cozy and home like!

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  • Tigerseye
    Very cozy and home like!

    Thank you. :)

    I've changed the downstairs a little, since then.

    I changed the rugs to Reachmen ones and added some side tables - as the central part, with the sofas, seemed a bit sparce.

    It's OK, like that, in Autumn's Gate and Grymharth's Woe, as the front doors open directly into the living room areas.

    Whereas, that obviously isn't the case in Old Mistveil, so you have the feeling of an unnecessarily empty space.

    Still waiting on some Mundane Runes and Decorative Wax to finish it. :/
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    A criticism of a thing we like should not be viewed as a criticism of ourselves.
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