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Ideas on how the Undaunted event could and should be better

There has been much discussion on how this event has been executed. One glaring problem is the fact that Pledges are not even tied to the event. Pledges are the main interaction players have to the Undaunted guild. Coming from a player that's been here since beta, and done thousands of pledges across my 14 toons, I can't believe that they have been overlooked. We think an easy fix might be to give an extra reward to finishing pledges? Or even some extra rewards for opening undaunted chests. One thought that has frequented the discord channels is giving double keys and Transmute stones. Or even an extra chance to get a shoulder syle page.
The next part we've all been talking about is the one reward per char, per day. This idea favors people with more characters and shorts people who only play a few. I perfectly understand that they want these mystery boxes to be rare. Limiting these boxes could be a random chance reward in the undaunted mail you receive upon doing a random queue. This would entice players to do multiple random queues. Players like me, who have been helping other guildies through dungeons that they have no experience with, do multiple queues be per day.
The other issue is the daily undaunted delve quest giver. He feels left out of this entire event. Bogrul needs love too! Please think about these ideas as they are coming from a collection of ideas that we have been discussing since this event started.
ZOS, we love getting excited for these events. But feel let down when they are 'one and done'. There should be incentives to continue, and lure people who have even given up on pledges. This is written after major discussions with the vast playerbase that I am personally linked too.
  • Kurat
    I have an idea. How about make sure that the dungeon finder works.
  • idk
    Kurat wrote: »
    I have an idea. How about make sure that the dungeon finder works.

    This alone, works and works properly, would be a huge improvement.

    I have never seen a major MMO do a worse job with their GF then ignore the bugs for over a year until it came to a huge head. It is pure negligence.

    I am pretty sure I would not have a job long if I oversaw such lack of attention to a major part of the game.


    As for what OP starts addressing, I think it is good Zos did not restrict us with this event. Your suggestion could lead to us being forced to do the pledges for tickets instead of whatever dungeon we choose to do.

    If you think about it, such a restriction could mean being forced to do all three pledges, one ticket each, and that those without access to the DLC dungeons, well, they just lose out on one ticket a day.

    As for the one reward per characters, the entire reason for the event is to get more players using the GF. It would not make sense to restrict that usage when you are trying to promote it. It does not take a max level character. One can do the dungeons on a lvl 10 character easily. Heck, that guarantees your group will get one of the easier dungeons.
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  • madddscientistb14_ESO
    To address the replies. My point in the OP was to be a constructive comprehensive injection of ideas that have been contemplated and discussed among several conversations in all my friends and guilds per our discord channels and ingame. Sure there have been some problems with the group finder, but this was not going to be a 'bash ZOS' post for something they are trying to fix, on a weekend no less. Universally among that pool of people that all have been discussing what their notions of what this event was going to be, got bashed to find out its only a group finder funnel. If ZOS had spread this event amongst all the undaunted implements functions, ie what I posted in the OP, Even if the group finder did break, we wouldn't be 'locked out' of doing the other things I discussed and people would still be doing the event without event touching the Finder. I just think that ZOS's focus for this event that was SO quickly implemented after the DW event was far too narrow. If you want things to change in game, it's not the 'OMG THE GFINDER IS CRAP' posts that are thrown at ZOS that are going to change things. I understand all of you are upset, but the vast majority of players that I've been collecting ideas from are more just let down. This event could have been SO much more that Gfrinder spamming, rewarding players with !% toons and screwing the ones with 4.
  • madddscientistb14_ESO
    Edit to the last post... 'Rewarding players with 15 toons'*
  • idk
    paragraphs. Cramming everything together like that makes for a difficult read. Just FYI and very important because Zos probably avoids difficult reads.

    You also ignored the second half of what I posted which spoke to the very items you mentioned in the OP and why it seems your ideas were the ones that were hastily thought out, not Zos'.

    To the point you just made that Zos so quickly implemented this after whatever the DW event was (honestly do not know what the DW event is), this Undaunted event was not hastily put together. Pretty sure it was held last year as well.

    I would also like to point that this vast majority of players you have communicated with is a small fraction of the entire player base. Yes, it is good to share ideas. From time to time Zos does get some good workable ideas from us, but as I pointed out, the ideas you presented seem to be more limiting and restrictive than actually adding something beneficial to the event.

    So in the end, a restrictive, controlling event that actually reduces the incentive for total possible activity in the event for many players is probably not such a great idea though Zos might be able to cherry pick something out that might be useful next time.

    Edit: It seems OP clarified a mistype in their second post while I was typing the one above. Zos has an interest with players who have alts. There is a reason they sell additional slots and it is not for the very small crown cost. Even the anniversary, april fools and new life events benefit those who have multiple alts.

    That much is not going to change. You can be upset about it but it is likely not going to change. I suggest not focusing on it as it would likely only make one bitter.

    As for the part you ignored, or I just did not see it in the mess or words, it is just a bad idea as I already stated.
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  • kmcaj
    not running maintenance during last hours of event for console users
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