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Please get someone the on Group Finder issues

Between the Deeping Drome BG that refuses to start and now the Dungeon Finder system simply being overloaded, these otherwise insignificant mishaps are being a real pain. Dungeon Finder was absolutely fine until the event kicked in and then it has a hissy fit and stopped working. That is quite obviously a server side issue of its not being able to cope with all of the requests for the goodie box, which is frankly unacceptable given that other games like World of Warcraft have a bigger player base and more taxed queue system, yet they rarely have these problems. Deeping Drome is a case of the BG not starting and should be a an easy debug unless it is so ingrained in another system for whatever reason that it has an untenable knock on effect.

We've known about the queue issues for a while and all content should be stress tested for the worst case scenario, unless all the budget and programmers are in the Crown Store. These problems are painfully elementary and should have been fixed within hours of them cropping up, yet here we are months, even years later still bleating because nothing has been done. I love this game but ffs ZOS, come on. It feels like the 'good enough' philosophy of 1.0 still hasn't gone away completely.
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