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Understanding the 36 Lessons of Vivec

Do you have any favorite interpretations, or sources attempting to interpret Vivec's acid trip sermons?

I'm in the process of reading them again, and it's just so.. Beautifully vexing, from a poetic standpoint. I adore Vehk, as well as the story behind his lessons' origins, so I'm always wanting to know more.
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  • LMar
    They are great but keep in mind the Temple publishes these so, well, beware of an organised sect publishing information praising the power of their leader xD

    However it does have a hidden message that perhaps the Temple missed and perhaps shows they were written by Vivec himself
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  • Claudman
    90% lies, 10% truth.

    That's the best way to interpret it in my honest opinion.

    As Sotha Sil said, "Vivec craves radical freedom - the death of all limits and restrictions. He wishes to be all things at all times. Every race, every gender, every hero, both divine and finite... but in the end, he can only be Vivec."
    Majority of his 36 Lessons are him exaggerating about how great and amazing he is. He's not as arrogant as Almalexia (Or as crazy as her), but he certainly isn't as humble as Sotha Sil...But, there are some metaphysical truths in the lessons.
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