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Bigger Hist tree furnishings, please.

I'm really looking forward to buying Lakemire, the new Murkmire house, when it releases. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is thinking of turning it into a tribal village for another tribe of argonians.
Which presents a problem for me: the Hist. The only Hist furnishing in game is an achievement item from Shadowfen. It's quite small.
Compare it to the Root-Whisper Hist:
Or the Dead-Water Hist:

You can see that the furnishing we have is a baby Hist/sapling. I understand we'll likely be unable to have something so massive as the Dead-Water Hist, but there are many tree furnishings that are much larger than the Mimic Hist... Some are nearly the size of the Root-Whisper Hist.
Please give us a larger Hist. I could totally see this as a lux item sometime or something.

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