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"The Heathens" are looking for new members to help build and shape the guild! :D

Soul Shriven
Greetings all!

On this page, I would like to introduce you to a guild in ESO named "The Heathens".

We are a social trials guild, with multiple trials running each week. I would like to elaborate a little bit on both the social aspect, as well as the trials part.

The social part of our guild means we welcome all players into our community, whether you be a cp1000+ or a level 3, a casual player who plays once in a while,
or a hardcore player who is online 24/7. The community in the guild is very friendly, all questions are welcomed, and we try to help whereever we can, whenever we can.
We encourage each other, and are not afraid to take someone under our wings and teach them the gamestyle.
Also, there is room for humor, jokes and general chatter, but we do ask all our members to keep it clean and decent.

The trials part of our guild, yes, like written earlier in this message, we have multiple trial runs every week. These runs range from normal learning runs, to vet. completion
or achievement runs. All learning runs are open for all cp160 members to join. Vet. completion runs require the rank "vet. raider", which can be granted to a character, if
said character has the achievements from completing all Craglorn trials on vet, and a min. of 25k dps selfsustained and selfbuffed on a 3 mil. target dummy.
Also we have a rank called "Exp. raider" which require all trials completed on vet, 35k dps, a personal evalutaion and a trial period.
In general we are really big on teaching mechanics, and will therefor have plenty of learning runs where you will have the opportunity to get the achievements you need
to rank up in our system.

All this sounds so standard-ish and cold, and the guild is nothing like this. A personal note from me, the guildmaster and creator of the Heathens, is that the guild is
all about having fun together, getting new friends, working as a team and helping others. I created the guild because I found the love of leading trials, teaching others
mechanics and getting people to work as a team, and because I want to share the spirit of the community there is between me and all my lovely in-game friends, with as many
as possible. Personally, without the friends and guilds I have, I wouldn't have played for so long. This all means that the guild is a very personal thing for me, and
I do my best to make everyone comfortable and happy.

We have a team of officers who are always there if you need any help, have any suggestions or questions.

Last, but not least, you are more than welcome to arrange your own runs, calling it out in guildchat and see if anyone is interested. In general we could use a lot of help,
meaning raidleaders, ideas for other kinds of events and more.

We have a discord server, which is where a lot of the chit-chat goes on, but it is also for announcements, news, patch-notes and we use discord for signing up to trials and
- Discord is very important to us, and is required for any and all raids in the guild. If you feel uncomfortable talking, at least join to listen

If this guild has caught your attention, please reach out to us in-game or here on the forums. For invite to the guild in-game, contact:
or me, @Xerion713

Hope to see many of you in game!

Best regards,

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