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Pimpbot - Discord Bot for Trials Organization!

Hello! I am Pimpkachu and I have made a discord bot that helps organize trials! What makes Pimpbot better than other bots that do this task: It is only discord dependent. There is no need to make your guild sign up for third party websites or anything else. I host the bot on my personal server as I made this bot for my use as well. This means its absolutely free.

Shown below is what these trial sign ups look like:

Pimpbot also has a "SIGN UPS ARCHIVE" where it stores trials that have ?archive called in their channel. This can take arguments which can then add the trial to the "trial-log" channel!

To get started with Pimpbot:

1. An admin of the guild has to invite the bot using this invite:
2. Once joined, Pimpbot will ask for two roles, one representing admins of the guild and the other being the officers of the guild. This is so Pimpbot knows who should have what authority. Admins of Pimpbot will have full control, Officers of Pimpbot just have the extra ability to create and edit sign ups. More roles can be added to this list later if needed, using ?config.
3. If ?setup is complete, say ?setup one more time without any arguments. This will tell Pimpbot to evaluate if it is setup. If it is, it will create the categories and trial-log channels.
4. Pimpbot is ready to get to work! I suggest using ?help to see all the commands available, and then ?help (command) to see help specific to the command.

If you need any help with Pimpbot, You can join the dev server here: Upon joining you are given "Admin" for the bot so you can mess around with everything the bot is able to do. (not admin for the actual server :wink:)

The bot has a Github repo here.
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