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[PS4/NA] The Resistance is recruiting all roles! End-Game Trial Guild

Soul Shriven
The Resistance is recruiting all roles for end-game trial content!

We are a small trial guild looking for active players of all roles. We typically run 3-4 vet trials per week on weekday evenings and weekends, sometimes the weekly trial but also based on group preferences. We have multiple completes of Vet Cloudrest and most of us have completed Craglorn HM trials. We also have guild VDSA contests. All of this is done in a fun, positive, and laid-back environment. We have an active Discord server where all guild communication is disseminated.

We are looking for DD's with a completely solo DPS test score of ~40K, and healers and tanks with vet trial clears and up-to-date gear. We have players with a lot of end-game experience and look forward to working with players who want to improve and tackle end-game content with us!

If you're interested, please message me here or on PSN (Badger_Dan_Man).
  • Imvoracious
    I would like to join. I am 820ish CP with a mag sorc and mag NB dps (I haven’t tested in a while but last time I did I was hitting 37k self buffed). I also have a healer running twilight remedy and olorime (I just made this character, but he’s up and running already, just need to work on more gear options). I also do a fair amount of PvP and currently playing a magDK and Stam Sorc for that.

    I have done most vet trials, farmed vma, etc.

    I am full on guilds right now, but will be back in town on Tuesday - I’ll shoot you a message then after I drop an inactive one.
  • LeeTemplar
    What time are the Trials?
    Can you post here the Discord link?
  • Jerzeeboii
    Soul Shriven
    Can you post the discord link? I'd like to browse and see what time/days you normally run.
  • ap1230
    755CP stamblade main. Experienced, returning. alexpry
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