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Mature easy going guild

Hi All

On the 31st of Oct I put up the post “New guild starting from scratch” Since then the guild has built up slowly, we are now 25 strong and the team are a fantastic lot, I had intended to hold it about the 25 mark but we have decided to take on more.

What do we have to offer? Well for one thing, we are a mature guild, we do have a few young-ins in their 20’s and 30’s but we have a load in their 40’s and 50’s, we have people who are new to ESO and a lot of our members have been playing for an age alone, worried about the expectations of guilds should they join.

We have expectations also, we expect you to enjoy the game, to be happy to go through a dungeon at the pace of our slowest group member, to take your time and enjoy the story, take the time to loot every box (who knows when you will suddenly need that blob of honey;) ), we would like you to be up for joining in on our events, and to be a nice person.

What we do not expect is for you to have all the best gear, for you to know what skills are the best or for you to know everything about the game, we are all learning even those that have been playing for an age. We are lucky in that we have good people who know enough, and are very willing to help those that don’t. I said it in the other thread, if you want to come to a dungeon geared up in nothing more than flip-flops and waving a rolled up newspaper, then we’ll happily join you 

This is not a case of anyone that just says add me gets added, we do not spam the guild in game at all, this is the only place that we will post, If you want to chat about the guild, and yes we will be having a chat, so no need to leave your info here. Leave a reply, drop me a PM, give me a shout in game at @FAD or jump onto our discord channel and we’ll talk.

  • CaelanBlue
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I read this post, then your earlier one, and it really seemed to echo my own sentiments.
    I'm 53, been playing ESO for a couple of years on and off but I've taken my time, enjoying the journey. I built one character to LVL 50, also a crafter, learning the game so took my time. Now I'm using what I learned to start a new character.
    I've never done trials or group dungeons but would like to try. I've tried a few guilds but always feel pressure to perform and I find I can't react as quick as these youngsters. Also I'm more interested in the social aspect of just playing the game, ideally with some friends!
    This guild sounds just what I'm looking for, if you think I would fit in. My IGN is @CaelanBlue
  • chocopug
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I'm interested in joining :)

    I'm 31, only been playing a few days so very new to the game (only lvl 12) and still figuring things out, but really enjoying it so far. I'm a casual player and can't really commit to a lot of what the demanding guilds want, but I would like to have a group of friendly folks to chat to and enjoy the game with.

    My IGN is @chocopug.
  • chattofadb16_ESO
    I've tried to get you guys in game but not see you yet, if you come on give me a shout guys @FAD

    Also Note to anyone else, we are still looking for members, feel free to give me a shout ingame, a PM here, or drop a reply in the thread :)
  • davidmoore25b16_ESO
    Like to join. OAP (over 65). @DarkMutter
  • chattofadb16_ESO
    Hi All

    I am happy to say our clan has grown, and grown well, we have a great bunch of lads and lassies, with a age range from 16 to 60+ and from all over the globe, absolutely brilliant bunch.

    We are though putting the brakes on, I'm keeping us at 40 members for a while to let us gel together, get used to each other and become a proper clan.

    So I would like to thank you all that have shown an interest, and should we start recruiting again I will post here.
    Thank you all good luck and have fun

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