Litany of blood or How to get polymorph

Detailed guide Litany of blood achievment on how to get polymorph Cadaveric killer in the game The Elder Scrolls Online.

It is necessary to accomplish the Blood Casting, killing 15 victims throughout Tamriel.

- You need to kill the target skill of the Dark Brotherhood - Blade of sorrow.
- The victim has a special mark - the left eye is white.
- NPC move around the city. Therefore, it is impossible to specify the exact location.

List of victims required to kill:

1. Skywatch- Auridon: Target - Cimalire
2. Elden Root- Grahtwood: Target - Dirdelas
3. Marbruk- Greenshade: Target - Calareth
4. Vulkwasten- Malabal Tor: Target - Sihada
5. Rawl'kha- Reaper's March: Target - Dablir
6. Davon's Watch- Stonefalls: Target - Dinor Girano
7. Mournhold- Deshaan: Purpose - Cindiri Malas
8. Stormhold- Shadowfen: Target - Gideelar
9. Windhelm- Eastmarch: Target - Hakida
10. Riften- The Rift: Target - Eldfyr
11. Daggerfall- Glenumbra: Target - Cesarel Hedier
12. Wayrest- Stormhaven: Target - Alix Edette
13. Shornhelm- Riverspire: Target - Bulag
14. Sentinel- Alik`R Purpose - Ebrayd
15. Evermore - Bankorai: Target - Berea

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