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XB1 EU - Relics of Summerset not unlocking

So, about 6+ weeks ago, I found all 20 Relics for the Vault of Moawita and the in-game ESO Achievement unlocked, as it should. However, the corresponding Xbox Achievement did not. With most games, this can usually be resolved by trying multiple things such as : Hard resetting my Xbox, signing in and out of my GT repeatedly whilst on the title screen, waiting for maintenance, waiting for system updates, or simply just waiting. Obviously, 6 weeks later, all of these things have happened and it still hasn't unlocked, so my guess is that there was a lag spike (not exactly uncommon in XB1 ESO) and it more or less prevented the data from being verified by the Xbox servers (usually all ESO Achievements pop right on cue).

With that being the case, I need to know if there is anything I can do to force a recheck of all my ESO data. Whilst I'm well aware that my ESO data is stored on the ZoS servers (or at least, I assume so), deleting the save data on my Xbox to force resync still makes me worried that something will go wrong and my entire ESO profile will become inaccessible. My other current option is trying to unlock it on an alternate character, but that'll easily take the best part of 5+ hours, and even then, it might not work as the validation for the unlock will have already been sent out on my main character and again, I don't know how ESO is coded to trigger the unlock. I would've assumed that either time or refreshes would've made it pop if it ever rechecked the data, but the fact that it hasn't makes me think it's a "one and done" type of deal.

Anyway, help would be appreciated. My 2 other character are about Level 14 and 4, whilst my main is CP507. Running that Queen's Decree Quest will no doubt take a lot longer with my worse characters, so any opportunity to save time would be most welcome.
  • Saren_Arterius
    Can anyone help with this? I'll try running it again during the Undaunted or New Life festivals.
  • ZOS_BillE
    Deleting the save data on your console will not cause your ESO profile to become inaccessible. You can delete the local save data with these steps.
    • Go to Games.
    • Highlight The Elder Scrolls Online tile and press the [Menu] button of the controller.
    • Select Manage Game.
    • Highlight and select Save Data for the desired user.
    • Select Delete.
    • You'll be prompted to confirm deletion of this game save data:
      • Choose "Delete Everywhere" This will remove your saved data from this console, the cloud, and all other consoles you play on
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  • harlam
    Did you ever solve this @Saren_Arterius ? Lately I have been back to Orsinium, Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood to complete DLC I had never done and I have had the same issues of everything completing in game and only some of my achievements on xbox being pushed through. I'm currently down about 8 achievements across all 3 DLC that havent worked, and what is stupid in my opinion is having an xbox achievement for completing all the quests in the Thieves Guild, but then the 2 that come before that are still locked.

    I've raised this issue with both ZOS and Xbox and both are as useless as each other to be honest and blaming each other.
    I've uninstalled my game, I've removed myself from xbox preview, I've deleted my local save data, I've removed my xbox account from my console and so on and still nothing.

    At this point I'm starting to wonder why I would bother to attempt any of the new DLC upcoming because I'll not get credit for it anyway.

    -edit: Typo corrections
    Edited by harlam on March 10, 2019 6:49PM
    Harlam Nightbane - Nightblade Tank <Keepers of Nirn> - Xbox EU
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