Getting kick/disbanded from a NORMAL dungeon before it even starts and getting a deserter cool down.

How is this still a thing? I'm well over max CP, Que in to a random daily today on my lvl 40 with a few higher CPs that I likely out DPS while queing as a healer (yes I'm healing as well) and they kick me. So I message all of them until I get a reply. Reason You wonder?? Because they are speed running and trying to get their friend gear. So special some of these players are, I don't know what should be done about the kick system but this isn't right either.

When I was a lower level I literally has to type "I'm a CP 780 so don't kick me" and link gear as fast as I could or I would get kicked, so sad.
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  • Kurat
    If they were doing speed run or gear farm then why even use dungeon finder.
    I got kicked once also as soon as ported in. Apparently they were RL friends and wanted to play together only. I don't like it but that's the chance you take if queued for random pug.
  • ruengdet2515
    Bad luck, what about 1st ques is leader group and can't be kick by all members.
  • ChunkyCat
    The other day, I was kicked from group after the first trash pull in vet Selena’s web. I even said the customary “hello” before we started. I was like “did I queue as a tank?!”

    But I checked and I queued as a dps.

    I’m a stam sorc running vicious ophidian and automaton. Selene’s web is super easy, so the trash melted in seconds. No idea why I got kicked, figured maybe they wanted to group with one of their friends.

    So I requeue, and wait.

    Five minutes later, I’m back in the same dungeon with the same people that kicked me. Finished the dungeon, told them they were jerks, then I left.

    True story.
  • Merlin13KAGL
    @Nocturnalan @Kurat @ChunkyCat some people are just idiots and Selene's, especially, is not idiot-friendly.

    I was kicked on an alt account as heals because DPS couldn't burn trash adds, even after sharing the stack in the corner trick that basically forced adds to stack via LoS.

    Being lower CP on that account (EU, recent startup), people tend to make lots of (wrong) assumptions.

    Turns out, if you still stand in the open and don't kill adds, you get turned into a pin cushion by the archers. Also turns out you have to stand in the healing AoE's to get Warden heals, and those heals are going to be placed relative to the tank, for obvious reasons.

    But it's always your fault, just ask 'em.

    One DPS mentioned they kept dying. I mentioned the tank and healer did not & wonder why that is?

    Certain it was not a DPS issue, he announced how he did 35k. Sadly, I was blocked before having chance to offer up screenshots of the last three Metrics showing 17k group dps and under.

    People don't like to hear that they're just bad, no matter how politely it's worded, so it's always going to be the other guy's fault. They like it even less when someone with "less experience" (CP's, new account, low level alt, whatever) is the one offering advice.

    But to the OP, disbands (unless you're the one disbanding) should never receive a penalty. Sadly, I don't see them changing this anytime soon.
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