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Farm Animals Prog vMOL HM

Farm animals

we are a trials progression group who’s current goals is vMOL HM

Currently looking for 2 permanent dds to join the current core team and can run Tues + Fri 830pm-1130pm GMT

Most of the group has completed all craglorn HM, vMOL, vHOF, vAS HM and vCR +1

Applicants will be requested to do a dps test before invite to group and score will be decided dependent on the class you want to play.

Message here or Ganjii x or I Woods x on xbox
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  • Aerithone
    Please, state your platform in the title next time._.
    I will show you fear in a handfull of dust.
  • Sparr0w
    @Aerithone It's posted in the Xbox EU section :joy:
    @Sparr0w so I get the notification
    Xbox (EU) - zR Sparrow | CP 790 | NB Main
    DD: MagNB | StamNB | MagSorc | StamSorc | MagDK | StamDK | StamDen | MagPlar
    Heal: Templar | Sorc | NB | Warden
    Tank: NB | DK | Warden
  • Aerithone
    Sparr0w wrote: »
    @Aerithone It's posted in the Xbox EU section :joy:

    oh, really._.
    i saw it in "recent" tab, my bad.xD
    I will show you fear in a handfull of dust.
  • ConnorWoods
    Friendly and mature guild, apply!
    'Molag Bals Deep - Templar Healer

    - World's 3rd vHoF Clear.
    - Dro M'athra Destroyer

    KekliciousMemeMan - Tank

    -Divayth Fyr's Coadjutor
    -Dro M'Athra Destroyer

    By The Beard of Zeus - Stamplar DD -
    - Dro M'athra Destroyer

    ConnorWoods - Magicka Sorcerer DD

    -Dro M'athra Destroyer
    -Flawless Conqueror

    Proud member of Late Night Dungeoneers.
  • BesartV
    Soul Shriven
    I want ro join om me in Xbox.
    GM: BesartV
  • Ganjii_x
    I’ll add you to guild if you want to join main team please send a 6mil dps test to my GT

    Ganjii x
  • Dark_in_a_box
    What's minimum required dps?
  • Ganjii_x
    @DarkRealityzz depends on class but if you can message me on xbox we can go from there :)
  • Fang_of_Lorkhaj
    Hi, I currently moved to EU server from NA because the raid times got really out of hand. On NA I'm a 1000+ cp with extensive gameplay and knowledge with completes in all HM except vet hm cloud rest because I had quit early progression back a couple months ago. I'm on EU now trying to get my character up to date which will be a while but when I do I can be a dd. Gonna be a grind. GT: Aetherium God
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