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Since ZOS will not help, I will help anyone move or kill the bot farmers and I will show players how

Soul Shriven
Months of bots running non stop in this game is getting out of control and with @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_KaiSchober @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_BillE @ZOS_GaryA Refusing to do anything at all about this makes me completely *** sick. Over a few weeks I have found multiple ways to take care of this issue however this is NOT a complete fix. Call this the community fighting back against the bots when @zos can’t even do a simple task to keep the servers clean of players cheating.

For the players that are seeing these bots you can use the Battered Bear Trap, Mystery Meat, and the Cake Mementos to move the bots off of the ore. The traps need to be in the right location and within the bots view.

These bots have a 45 degree view range. What this means is that when you place a trap it MUST be within that angle or the bot will NOT be able to hit A on the trap.

These bots are constantly hitting the action button. Anything that requires you to press A they will lock on to it and complete the action.

You do have one more weapon against the bots. You will need to go to your settings within the game for this. Once in your settings you need to go to gameplay. While in gameplay you need to change your Templates to Template B. Doing this allows you to hit A without jumping. Since these bots are hitting the action button at just the right speed to get the ore you will need to press A faster then the bot going for the resource.

Any players that are having issues with bots feel free to message me and I will help you and show you how to do anything in this post. I will also be getting together a video of every single bot in this game and how to take care of them. My Xbox Gamertag is HellsDemon X911.

@zos if you are reading this you need to understand one thing about MMOs. Understand that at this very moment a toddler could perform better at reading reports and dealing with them. When you have a game that has an in game reporting system you need investigative all reports meaning actually get the *** on your own servers and see the crap that you refuse to take care of.

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