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TOTAL DARKNESS - up and coming guild and growing quickly for social and active players only!!

**MUST ADD DISCORD** https://discord.gg/eUCKfwa

Up and coming guild and growing very quickly, looking to start a social guild where you can group up and play with people instead of always playing alone, have someone to chat with while questing, and most importantly have people that can help with your crafting, builds and know how’s!! (Were NOT the guild thats says we’re here to help and then can’t be bothered when you ask)

Personally I’ve been with many guilds and this is one of the most helpful and social guilds I’ve ever been a part of!!

***Guild focus is to recruit and grow for now and then down the road set up teams for TRIALS, HARDMODE VET DUNGEON GROUPS, PVP TEAMS And of course get a guild trader to buy and sell all gear..also events will be set up like SKYSHARD HUNT, LOREBOOK HUNT, WORLD BOSSES, CRAGLORN GROUP EVENTS ect.

I’m a *MASTER CRAFTER* to help with any needs and a lot of knowledge reguarding DPS,TANKING and HEALING as I have all three main characters..Our guild also has very experienced people with knowledge and all three catagories as well

Built a home located in CRAGLORN EARTHTEAR CAVERN and it’s open to anyone in the guild I have TRANSMUTE STATION (for those that don’t have clock work DLC), ALL MUNDUS STONES (so you don’t have to travel all over), TARGET DUMMIES and TRIAL DUMMIES to record your DPS, ALL BASIC CRAFTING STATIONS and now I’m working on all ATTUNABLE CRAFTING STATIONS...**ONE STOP FOR ALL THATS THE IDEA**

Once you rank up with the guild you will have access to GUILD BANK in which I’ll always supply with a good selection of stuff for all players to use for free along with a great selection of hot items and crafted items to buy

Join TOTAL DARKNESS today and help us grow just ask for invite or send me a message to my gamer tag Crabby 666

Xbox NA server - happy playing
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