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MM A few questions

Sorry yet another MM thread. When I downloaded MM it had a bunch of files called MM Data. I put them in the main folder. Did I do that wrong? Now when I log in look at the ADDON section it shows every single file. Also I have a few other questions... First off, I used TTC for two years I'm giving MM A shot. One of the things I liked about TTC was it has everything uploaded on it where you can find it on a site. I dont think MM has that. So does anyone keep TTC unchecked until they get like a high price crafting writ? So it can upload to the TTC server? Lets say for items over 5k and above. Has sales dropped switching over from TTC?
  • Easily_Lost
    MM. You did nothing wrong with all of those data files. They are used in MM to hold data ( as far as I know ). They need to be checked in the addon menu along with the main MM addon.

    I am not if anyone uses TTC only when they have a high priced item to post to the Guild Trader.

    TTC. As you said TTC takes everything you post and updates its web site. MM takes only the items that sold from you Guild Traders and tells you what things sold for.

    I use both at the same time. TTC so other players that use there website can find items I have posted, and MM so I know what items have sold for so I know what prices to post them at.

    One more thing that you did not ask about is Nirn Auction House ( ). It allows you to list items that and buy items from anyone using the addon, there is no cost to list items, but the seller pays the COD cost. I use it and am very happy with it so far. When you sell something you mail it COD to the person who bought. They have to mail you back the gold before they can take the item. The only down side right is when you buy an item it may take you up to three days to receive it.

    I hope that answers some of you questions and then some.
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